Buying apparel for the sports fan is a slippery slope. You know they want to show loyalty to their team, but wearing a jersey outside the stadium or sports bar isn't acceptable once they're 18. We've put together some options that manage to ooze fandom and class.

Perfect for basketball fans from Indiana or New England, but this site is loaded with cool shirts for fans from about anywhere. Indiana state Bird T-shirt: $28 [Homage]

A challenge for fans everywhere is finding gear that appropriately supports the team, while looking somewhat presentable. Problem solved. MLB thermal long sleeve: $68 [Nordstrom]


There is no better feeling than clearly having the coolest shirt in the room. This site offers a multitude of options to make that happen. Rod Tidwell shirtsey: $17.95 [My Party Shirt]


Fans 14 and under go apeshit over these snapback hats. I don't get it either. Retro snapback hat: $30 [Homage]

Who doesn't want to look like Ken Rosenthal? If you know anyone who's shown the slightest inclination towards wearing a bow tie, I implore you to pick one from Dhani Jones's collection. It supports a good cause, they've got some cool looking bow ties, and the recipient may even get the joke. We suggest the snazzy purple Alzheimer's Association model. Bowtie: $57 [Bow Tie Cause]


The perfect way to repay that friend who spends thankless hours trying to find a draft time that works for everyone, collecting dues, and fielding complaints over scoring settings. The League Commissioner T-shirt: $26.95 [FX Shop]