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Illustration for article titled Gina Carano Gets Nude, Makes Weight

MMA cutie Gina Carano had to get naked in order to make weight for tonight's match against Kelly Kobold. It took her three tries, while her people held up towels the shield her from the cameras.

Meanwhile, the weigh-in everyone was waiting for had it's fair share of drama too as Gina Carano needed three tries to tip the scale at the 141-pound limit. There's no excuse for failing to make weight and Carano must figure this problem out, but, honestly, the whole scene was a little creepy. I mean, just watching an embarrassed Carano strip while the fan's in attendance whistled at her was a strange. Even stranger was the fact that her dad was one of the people holding up the towel as she weighed in naked (at least I think she was). Thankfully, in the end, she made weight but, sheesh, are we really going to have to go through this every time?


So, she got naked after the first attempt to make weight but what did she do between the second and third tries? Here's a video of the weigh-in. Click to view On 205th has a fun little gif of the towel drop.

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