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Give A Shoutout To The Men Who Bring You The Dumb Bowls

In a valuable work of public service, the guys at Get Untracked have compiled a list of the official contacts for each of the 32 college football bowl games. They dig up all kinds of fascinating tidbits.

• "The Armed Forces Bowl and Las Vegas Bowls are actually run by ESPN employees." This is fantastic; make sure to email executive director Tom Starr and see if they can put together a "You're With Me, Leather" halftime show. (Pants optional.)


• The director for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl uses a Hotmail address. Come on, Jim Donovan, Sheraton wouldn't pony up for an official email address? We respect him resisting the temptation to use his other address, ""

• The Alamo Bowl has a CEO. Do you think Alamo Bowl president and CEO Derrick Fox tells women that he's a CEO when he meets them? "Yeah, baby, I'm a president AND a CEO. Well, yes, it's a one-time-a-year event that currently features Iowa and Texas, but hey, that's a busy day!"

We encourage all Deadspin readers to email the president of the bowl of which they are most fond and see if they can, we dunno, get them a decal or something. Or, you know, quit ruining college football with their stupid bowl games.

Email Your Favorite Bowl President [Get Untracked]

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