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Give Us Your Best Skip Bayless Stories

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We've received a lot of feedback about our selection of The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan as today's bad hometown columnist, which can be broken down into the following percentages:


30 percent: Great pick. Deadspin is my number one choice for all my sports news. Is there anyway we can meet you sometime, so that we might hug you for bringing such joy into our lives?
35 percent: You're morons. Bob Ryan has more talent in his left nut than you dolts. You've probably never been laid.
35 percent: We can't believe you didn't do Dan Shaughnessy.

So, to support (for a week, anyway) solidarity among our readers, we'd like to solicit your opinion. We have already selected next week's winner: The infamous Skip Bayless, the guy who seems like everybody's least favorite columnist. (Even if his "hometown" is now Page 2.) We encourage you to send us your best Skip Bayless rants, either in the comments or at And you can also nominate future hometown columnists. But for now ... enjoy digging into Bayless. Sharpen those talons.

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