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Give Us Your Money, Then You Can Protest Us

We always enjoy a good fan protest, and if there's a place one is more warranted than in Baltimore, we don't know of one.

A group of Orioles fans, organized (of course) by a radio station, is putting together a big protest of owner Peter Angelos on September 21. Fans will march from the Inner Harbor, wearing all black, and then end up at Camden Yards for a 4:05 game against the Tigers, a game they will almost certainly lose.


Of course, if just to further emphasize how much Angelos has Baltimore fans by the proverbial testicles (great band name!), this protest requires actually buying tickets to the game. The organizers are trying to find a way around this.

We STRONGLY encourage you to buy the CHEAPEST tickets possible and to avoid all of the interior concessions once inside the ballpark. Hotdogs and drinks are "cheaper on the outside." We are NOT trying to spend money with this ownership group. We're trying to do the bare minimum to enter the ballpark.

To be fair, we know lots of people who don't feel all that comfortable milling around outside Camden Yards either.

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