Baseball is back: players are flashing the leather, batters are hitting HRs farther than you can run without passing out, you're happily paying stadium prices for tubed meats, and your Twitter account is experiencing a deluge inexplicable managerial quotes.

Back by popular demand, DraftStreet is bringing you a one-night-only, exclusive, $500 freeroll that you can play even while watching your guaranteed 90-win team take a beating—hey, it's only May, right? Just sign up here for the Deadspin league, assemble the best team without going over $100,000, and you could win one of the 9 payouts.

Tonight's Player Deals:

  • Rookie outfielder Bryce Harper is going for $5,562—a steal.
  • Carlos Zambrano has switched teams and it's done him some good. Start him tonight for $11,023.
  • Put Albert Pujols at first base for only $6,386, even though he hasn't homered yet this year.


You can adjust your roster up until the freeroll starts tonight, Wednesday May 2 at 7 pm ET, at which time the roster will lock and the Live Scoreboard will appear. Click here to get your team together now, tough guy.

The top 9 finishers will receive the following payouts: $150, $105, $75, $55, $40, $30, $20, $15, and $10. Roster: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 U (all batters eligible), 2 SP, 1 RP, 1 P (all pitchers eligible). Refer to the rules page when you sign up for full scoring details.