Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

An occasional series featuring our readers' tales of momentary sports glory. If you've got a video of your own brush with athletic greatness, send it to, subject: Glory Days.

This one comes to us from Levi, who says it's "not the typical Glory Days submission you receive, but funny nonetheless." Here goes:

So I've told this story a thousand times because it pisses off one of my best friends.

Our Texas high school (Klein) was in the same district as Dez Bryant's (Lufkin), and my buddy was a starting safety for Klein. Several months after the 2005 football season, we were walking back to our bus at the district track meet when we walk by Dez, who stops us, points to my friend, and says, "You're number 40 from Klein, right?" My friend says, "Yeah," and his confidence shot up immediately because he was recognized by such a standout football player. But that's when Dez says, "Yeah, you're on my highlight video."

Dez then proceeds to go to his bus. He comes back with a portable DVD player and a video. He fast-forwards the video to two different plays, including one in which he catches a pass and gets my friend all turned around. Of course, my friend was deflated and pissed, but I still get a kick out of telling this story, even if I do embellish it a bit.

At the 2:50 and 5:10 marks, my friend is wearing a blue jersey with the number 40. The earlier highlight is the better one.


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