Alright, soccer hooligans. You guys win. The title of craziest fans is officially yours, because a few Swiss supporters apparently managed to commandeer an opposing goal keeper's water bottle, urinate in it, and then watch as he started drinking it.

At least, that's the set of facts FC Muri keeper Reto Felder is alleging. Here's how he described the incident, per the Guardian:

"I have never experienced anything like it," said Felder of the fans, who also shouted "now you will get Aids". "That is just primitive filth," he said. "I took one sip and realised that it was warm but thought that it was because of the sun. But by the second sip I realised that something was wrong."


"The mere thought of drinking piss is unbearable. What if, the next time, it is something that knocks you out?"


So many questions. How did the fans get to the bottle? Did they pee in it right there on the field/in the stands, or did they come with urine at the ready? I haven't tried yellow Gatorade in years but is it still so bad that you need a couple swigs to differentiate it from piss? Actually, I don't want to know.

The Swiss FA is investigating the case and Felder is mulling bringing civil charges. Hopefully he wins. That's a bad, bad thing you've done, Baden fans.