Tommy Lineberry, a golf cart driver for NBC Sports analyst Roger Maltbie, was arrested at the U.S. Open Saturday for hitting a North Carolina state trooper's leg with his cart.

Lineberry was taken to the Moore County jail and charged, though the exact charges weren't available.

From the AP report:

An Associated Press reporter who witnessed the incident heard Lineberry tell the trooper, "I'm supposed to get the cart to Roger."

"When a state trooper tells you to stop, THAT'S what you're supposed to do," the trooper responded, inches from Lineberry's face.


A Golf Digest photographer snapped some pictures of Lineberry's arrest, which you can find here.


Finally, there's this graf, in which golf fans act like golf fans:

The trooper was holding traffic behind a walkway as the players teed off on the 11th hole. He told Lineberry that the cart struck his leg. The trooper asked for any the names of witnesses, and three people in the gallery immediately handed him their business cards.


Update: According to the Fay Observer, Lineberry was charged with "assault on a law enforcement officer, hit and run, driving while impaired and resisting, obstructing and delaying a law enforcement officer."