Gonzalo Higuaín Gets Into Scrap Outside Club When Guy Calls Him A Choker

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Gonzalo Higuaín is an internationally famous, extremely gifted choke artist. As one might expect, this tends to color his interactions with fans, both for good and bad. One such recent interaction caused some deal of frustration, causing him to lash out at a group of heckling fans while threatening to tear the heads off of whomever recorded the incident.

The spat occurred outside popular Ibiza nightclub Pacha. Upon making his exit after a night (and early morning, from the looks of it) of getting it in, he was approached by a fan and his group of friends. Here’s Marca on how things devolved from there:

Friends of the young man, realising it was ‘Pipita’, started to record the events. The young man asked for a photo, but Higuaín refused, offering to shake his hand instead. One of his friends was unimpressed by his reaction and taunted him by saying, “Come on, you can’t even score a penalty.” The gibe infuriated the player and he squared up to the lads: “You can’t say that to me”, he yelled while moving as if to throw a punch, although he never actually hit anyone.

One of the guys responded by giving him the finger whilst others tried to hold him back to stop things from kicking off. Higuaín realised he was being recorded and repeatedly demanded that the person delete the video, saying, “Delete the video or I’ll rip your head off.”


It had to be frightening, knowing that decapitation and the hands of a man of Higuaín’s stature and strength might be a reasonable result. Then again, there’s a good chance that he would have lost all semblance of balance and fallen on his ass right as he attempted the head-rip.