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Good Lord, This Stephen Strasburg Curveball


It takes a lot to humble José Altuve. (Jokes about his height accomplish nothing here.) After a red-hot July that launched him into this year’s MVP conversation, he’s in the middle of his best season yet. But here is Altuve not only humbled, but humbled with buckled knees as a very scary Stephen Strasburg curveball passes by him for a called strike three:


Damn. Strasburg been using his curve more this year after putting it somewhat on the back burner last season—about 23 percent of his pitches, versus 12 percent in 2016—and the results have been good. The whiffs-to-swing ratio on his curve has gone from less than one-in-three last year to two-in-five now.

His seven Ks and six scoreless innings tonight weren’t enough to stop the Nationals from needing extras, thanks to three runs coughed up by the bullpen, but Strasburg at least got this highlight reel from it:

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