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Good News, Everyone, A-Rod Is Back: Your ALCS Open Thread

Mr. October July? Rodriguez is back in the starting line-up (if you call "batting sixth" the starting line-up). Dog Fister and Andy Pettitte square off in chilly New York, and the ghosts of Orioles past will fly aimlessly through stadium, moaning resonantly and giving players from both sides the chills. Will the accompanying dread cause a balk? Only time will tell.


If you're not a fan of either of these teams, and you're trying to wring some enjoyment from a series that features a team that was in the ALCS last year and a team that's in the ALCS every other year, I suggest a drinking game. Drink every time: you can see grass; they cut to commercial; the announcers mention baseball; you feel like it. Ta-da! You're drunk and Prince Fielder is running around all blubbery-like. Sports are fun again.

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