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Good Ol' Poise

What have we here? Two young, relatively unformed quarterbacks who play efficiently enough in winning efforts to be anointed with hollow praise? And they're going head-to-head? America had a poisegasm yesterday — and perhaps found a new talisman of poise.

The Dolphins took down the Jets last night, 31-27, in a contest that was less about the result than it was about which fresh-faced quarterback, Chad Henne or Mark Sanchez, could be heaped with more meaningless compliments both before and after the game. This one, too, went down to the wire.


On Henne's side of the ledger:

Chris Joseph, Miami New Times:

Henne's poise will be key.


... poise in the pocket

Tom D'Angelo, Palm Beach Post:

... showed he has some pocket poise

Ray McNulty, Palm Beach Post:

... kept his poise in the pocket

Chris Burke, FanHouse, quoting Braylon Edwards:

Chad took it to a new level with his poise.

For Sanchez:

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News:

... displayed great poise

Chet Gresham, SB Nation:

... has guts and poise and all the intangibles

Daniel Rathman, NESN:

... exhibited ... poise in the face of adversity

Edgar Thompson, Palm Beach Post:

... the poise of a veteran

And, now, on both sides of the ledger:

J.P. Pelzman and Jeff Darlington, Sporting News:

... which quarterback — Sanchez or Henne — can keep his poise about him.

Chris Joseph, Miami New Times:

And while all the pre-game talk was about how much poise Mark Sanchez had to go along with that pretty face of his, in the end, it was Henne who not only displayed poise, but also a laser-rocket arm to go with that poise.

Ray McNulty, Palm Beach Post:

"That was a heck of an education for the guy tonight," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said of Henne. "He had a couple of opportunities at the end to bring this team back, and he handled it with poise."

Both quarterbacks did.

Rex Ryan, Jets coach, on Henne:

He seems to have poise just like our quarterback does

I count 11 "poise"s or implied "poise"s for Henne to just eight for Sanchez, who could've used some help this week from the usual "poise" junkies, Steve Serby and Greg Bishop, both of whose prose was noticeably "poise"-free. This "poise" rivalry between Sanchez and Henne certainly bears watching. They are the NFL's two great ambassadors of "poise," Poise Marino and Poise Montana, and maybe somewhere in the NFL there's another young, relatively unformed quarterback, perhaps running the taxi squad now, but who will one day play efficiently in a winning effort and thereby complete the triad. Where are you, Poise Elway?

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