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Good Thing They Don't Do This In Baseball

(Ed. Note: This is old now, obviously, but Rick's been gone and we wouldn't dare deny him the opportunity to write about this.) OK, but seriously, who hasn't done this? In case you haven't seen the video yet, here's Mikhail Youzhny, upset with a shot in his match against Nicolas Almagaro at the Sony Ericcson Open in Key Biscayne, beating himself in the head repeatedly with his own racket.

My favorite part is Almagaro coming over to check him out, sure that Youzhny is faking just to get a rest. Then it suddenly dawns on him, "Dude, you hit yourself in the head with your racket." By the way, Youzhny went on to win; but he was ousted from the tournament yesterday.

Youzhny Vs. Almagaro [Youtube]

Here's another clever take on this.


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