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It has been a while since a franchise actually up and moved: The most recent had the Expos heading to Washington, D.C., but that had been brewing for so long and had been handled so poorly that few in Montreal were particularly devastated to see them go. Therefore, it certainly warrants note that the Seattle Supersonics were sold yesterday to a group from Oklahoma City, with the possibility that the team could be moved if a new arena is not built (which of now looks unlikely).

Some think there's a chance the new ownership group might stay in Seattle, but the general consensus seems to be summed up by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Art Thiel.

Alert to basketball fans in Oklahoma City: As of Tuesday, your arena is already on the fast track to becoming a crap can, your owner is a wild-eyed venture capitalist and your team next year will pay maybe $50 million to a pimply teenager who doesn't know a drop step from a drop kick.

We will be furiously checking all Sonics blogs on this; it's morbidly fascinating to watch a city lose its team in real time.

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