Goofy Sports Tattoos: Not Just For Deadspin Editors Anymore

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It's one thing to get your ass tattooed with a Buzzsaw logo when you lose a bet; which I totally support. This, however, is just wrong.


Meet Fredy Gutierrez, an Arizona Cardinals fan who is poor of pocketbook but really wanted to see his beloved Cardinals play the Eagles. So in steps radio station 620 KTAR of Phoenix to help him out. The station provides tickets for Gutierrez and his nine-year-old son, Marcus, and all is well. Oh, there's one condition: He has to get the station's call letters tattooed on his ass.

"The only thing I can say is that I hope that my son enjoys it," Gutierrez said about the game.


You remember KTAR, home of the "Gambo & Ash" show. These are the guys who got into it with Charles Barkley in June of last year, with somewhat amusing results. Barkley's quote:

"The thing you have to understand about Phoenix is it's like a Jim Jones cult. They have a lot of jackass reporters there."

And fans as well. Gutierrez must live the remainder of his life with advertising on his ass; the poor sap doesn't even get a Cardinal or a power tool implement to remind him of his team's victory. Sad, really.

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