Things aren't getting any better for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A night after James failed to score in the second half of a blowout loss against the Trail Blazers, they were undone in Utah by this Gordon Hayward game winner. James was guarding Hayward initially, but was felled by a Derrick Favors screen, forcing Tristan Thompson to futilely rotate over. Perhaps Favors was getting revenge for the previous play, when the referees gave James three free throws for a dubious foul on Favors.

Remember, the 2010-11 Miami Heat started the season 9-8 before going 49-16 the rest of the way. The Cavs' 1-3 start—including two bad losses to the Knicks and now Jazz—is a bit concerning, but the good money is on them figuring out and going deep in the playoffs.

Until they get there, though, let's have a laugh or two at their failures, like Gordon Hayward locking LeBron up late in the game.