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Gordon Ramsay's Kid Will Host A Cooking Show, For Some Reason

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Gordon Ramsay, professional emotional abuser of reality-TV cooks, has a 12-year-old daughter named Tilly. And Tilly has an ambition: to indulge a 12-year-old's desire for fame and adoration in the hopes that a cooking show starring a pre-teen will goose a certain famous TV person's flagging business portfolio. Actually, no, psych, that's her dad's ambition. But, she's participating! That counts!


Hence, the still-to-be-named show, starring Tilly and (partially) crewed by Ramsay's 13-year-old twins Jack and Holly. According to Ramsay, "Tilly's a very good cook. In fact, she is the number one in the household." Which, clearly that's horseshit, but it's a nice thing for a dad to say, particularly when he wants you to watch a TV show where his kid purports to tell people how to cook stuff.

I mean, whatever. Kids like performing, and they like getting attention and positive feedback for the stuff they do. If Tilly Ramsay wants to be a famous TV chef, that certainly is not the worst thing the 12-year-old daughter of a celebrity could want for herself. The mindfuck here is trying to imagine who in the world wants to watch Gordon Ramsay's kid host a cooking show—whose slavish, slavering appetite for celebrity could possibly sustain even the slightest interest in the cooking and show-hosting abilities of some 12-year-old kid, merely because she happens to be the progeny of a British guy who yells at people on TV for a living.

The answer is: the friggin' English. Dammit, Brits. Get it together. You're rather letting the side down, old chaps.


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