Graham Harrell Will Be Your Man For All Seasons

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Isn't this an adorable picture? According to these fine destinations, the gentleman in the top left corner decked out in a snazzy Christmas sweater is Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell. The sweater is one more befitting of an early 90's R & B group or a NAMBLA holiday card than a Heisman hopeful, but he still sells it with a smile.

Harrell's made some news lately because he's become a little too yappy about the future of his head coach, Mike Leach. Last week, Harrell spouted off to the AP that he thought Leach would ditch Texas Tech after this season, but has quickly backpedaled. But he still thinks his coach, wherever he goes, will be very rich man:

"They're going to have to pay him a lot of money, as anyone will at this point...[H]e does more with less than anyone in the country. He can't go hand-choose his recruits like the USCs, the Oklahomas and the Texases. He has to really work at recruiting, get some less-talented players and develop them."


For sure. Look what he did with this naive boy dressed in a black, gift-covered cardigan?

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