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Off the coast of South Africa doing a shark count in Mossel Bay, members of an Ocean Research team were chumming the water in order to draw their numerical prey in. It wasn't long before an 1,100-pound, 10-foot great white took it upon itself to get airborne in a successful effort to go aboard the boat without permission.

"I heard a splash and looked back to see a shark pretty much mid-air hovering above one of my interns," team leader Dorien Schroder told the BBC.


Yeah, well megashark landed on the boat and thrashed about until he/she got lodged between a pair of engines, where shark counters sprayed it with water until it was set free. Nobody lost a limb.

"This must have been an incredibly stressful experience for the shark," said Ryan Johnson, who was involved in the rescue. "These sharks belong in the sea, they don't belong on land.


Great white shark leaps onto research boat [BBC]

Shark jumps out of water, lands inside boat [YouTube]


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