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Great Weekend For Houston's Foot Fetishists

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Nothing more classy than Texans, we tell you. As a show of solidarity with the Astros as they prepare for Game 1 of the World Series tomorrow evening, Houston mayor Bill White is encouraging all local residents to go sockless for Games 1 and 2, calling it a "No Socks Weekend."

We're not really sure where to start here, actually, though we do wonder what White would have suggested if the Angels had won the series. (We like the idea of drunk Houston residents firing pistols into the heavens to pick off some deities. And if the Indians would have made the World Series ... well, we guess it would have pretty much been like it is now.) An Astros fan writes us: "It's humid, the air isn't great and now the office is going to smell like the bathroom in the Juice Box. That being said, I'm not wearing socks this weekend." Yeah, we're gonna go ahead and stay in the sweet-smelling confines of New York City, thanks much.


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