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Greek Soccer Team's Manager Gets Way Too Turnt During Press Conference

If there was one thing you could say about Gennaro Gattuso, AC Milan's and Italy's fiery former leader, it was that the man was a lock for a manager job when he retired. If there was another thing you could say, it was that said managerial career would involve numerous public blow-ups like this.


In case you haven't been paying attention, Rino is currently the manager of OFI Crete, a midtable side in Greece's Superleague. This is his first season in charge. He's only managed the team in four league matches and he's already dropping bombs like these:

OFI is not Real Madrid, is not Barcelona. It's a small team with many problems. I want my players play with balls. With heart.


But this is crazy for newspapers to speak—about what? About what? Yes, the club have problem, I know. One year here is ten years at another club. [...] I no go in my home and cry because I no have money, maybe sometimes I have problem. No. No. It's continue!

I no like the excuse that maybe the players no play with us because no pay salary. Fuck off. This no true. Another thing: I put two players out because they no respect the rules!

He keeps going from there. At one point, he touches on rumors that he will soon be leaving the club. He denies them.

Leave what? It's too easy for me to leave. No, me stay here. It is my family here. I did not come here for a holiday.

There's probably another reason Rino doesn't want to ditch Crete so early into the season: As long as he makes it to the start of September, his three months in Greece will be the longest of his three managerial tenures.

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