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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Greetings, Spinheads

Illustration for article titled Greetings, Spinheads

Well, this first day of leadership is starting out swimmingly. Sorry about the "Cermony" stuff in the first headline. Great start!


Anyway, wanted to just give you a little intro and keep you updated on how this first post-Leitch week will go. Since it's a short week and the bearded kid from CBS Sportsline's still filling out his paperwork, there won't be any major changes this week.


The first change you'll notice is the death of "About Last Night." I know many of you come to this website each morning wholly dependent upon that post to give you a heads-up on three quick snippets from the world of sports that you probably saw on Sports Center 500 times already, but it's had its last night. ( "About Last Night" is sooo "About Last Century." ) Awful Announcing's "Your Morning Video Wake Up Call" will, essentially, be the new "About Last Night." Makes sense, right? Fonzi.

Throughout the week I'll keep you updated on additions and subtractions from the site that may pop up here and there. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, column ideas, scathing insults about my mom, please email me at

Actually, if you want to insult my mother, just use the comments section below. She reads it often and comments under the handle "Token_Tennis_Fan."


Also: wannabe commenters. Please email Rob Iracane who is still deputized Combudsman until ESPN decides that Le Anne Schreiber is no longer pulling her saddlebags and poaches him to police their content.

Oh, and sadly, Brian Baldinger is no longer contributing to Deadspin. He's had a great run here, but typing just causes his pinky to swell too much.


Ready? Scream for me, Deadspin.

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