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Greetings, Spinheads

Happy day after Thanksgiving. Today is gonna be looser than usual, given both the tech issues and that the vast majority of you are out shopping, or hungover, or getting ready for high school reunions. We'll cover some stuff, we'll ignore a lot of stuff, and have some fun being buddy, buddy, buddy all up in your face. I'm gonna go make myself a bloody mary, put on some sweatpants, and watch "Black and White" from the comfort of my parents' couch in Ambler, Pa. Things I won't be doing? Shopping at Best Buy. But it appears Chad Johnson just could not wait to get up at the crack of snatch this morning and weave through the angry mob to purchase Rock Band 2.

Oh, also — if you have any questions about the site, about me, about life in general, feel free to pop me an email at I'll post them on the site and answer them to the best of my ability.


Cultural Oddsmaker will be running at about 3ish today, so do try to stick around until then.

Anyway, let's make the day go by quickly. I've got to hop on a train back to Philly as soon as possible or I'm gonna go crazy. If anyone wants to stop by Kildare's at 2nd and South this evening, I'm opening a tab and doing 68 car bombs.

Chad Johnson at Best Buy [The Big Lead]

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