Archie Miller was a guest on CBS's half time show to discuss his Dayton Flyers' run to the Sweet Sixteen. His brother Sean, coach of the Arizona Wildcats can also reach the Sweet Sixteen with a win tonight against Gonzaga. Things got a little tricky, though, when Greg Gumbel brought this up and made a general disaster of things.

First he called Archie Miller "Sean" and then made it even more confusing when he tried to correct himself by asking about "your brother Archie," and then just yelled out "Sean!" as a final attempt to salvage things. He also said Arizona was in the Sweet Sixteen, even though Arizona and Gonzaga will fight for the final spot in the Sweet Sixteen this evening.

Miller, naturally, had no idea what was going on and thought maybe he lost the feed and CBS quickly cut off the interview and got the hell out of there.