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Greg Hardy’s UFC Debut Ends With Illegal Strike On Vulnerable Opponent

Greg Hardy’s UFC debut ended quite unceremoniously on Saturday night. With just over two-and-a-half minutes left in the second round, Hardy had defended a takedown from Allen Crowder and then got up while his opponent was still on one knee. The ex-NFL player saw an opening and illegally smashed his knee into Crowder’s temple. The referee stopped the match and, after conferring with match officials, disqualified Hardy from the fight for his first loss in his MMA career.

Between the “asshole” chants that followed the strike, and the shower of boos he received after leaving the cage, it’s hard to imagine why the UFC would want to bring back a fighter whose stock among fans has drop-... Ah, who am I kidding? Here’s some praise that piece of shit got from Dana White:

He was in his first real fight tonight. He’s got three fights. He fought a guy with 13 fights, you know what I mean? He can fight, that I know. Greg Hardy can fight. He’s got a chin. He can fight and he, uh, made a rookie mistake tonight and it cost him.


Great. It absolutely rules that the UFC is going to do everything in its power to get this guy fighting in some capacity, if not on a main card again. Maybe next time White will have the decency to not put him on the same card as a survivor of domestic abuse.

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