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Illustration for article titled Greg Oden Is On The Comeback Trail, And He Looks Unbelievable

Remember Greg Oden? He used to play basketball. He'd like to play basketball again.


Since being drafted first overall in 2007, Oden has played a total of 82 games—one NBA season. He hasn't suited up since Dec. 5, 2009. We've lost count of the surgeries, but Oden put out feelers earlier this year he's interested in a comeback for the 2013-2014 season, when he'll finally be healthy enough to play.

Deshaun Thomas, an Ohio State product who could go in next month's draft, tells the Herald-Leader he's been working out with Oden, and Oden looks "unbelievable." ("Unbelievable" in the sense that you shouldn't believe his knees will hold up? "Unbelievable" in the sense that we can't believe how many times we've been told that Oden looks like his old self?)

"Man, he looks unbelievable," [Thomas] said at the draft combine. "He's running. He's lifting weights. You might be seeing a comeback. He looks like he's ready to go. He's running, getting in shape. I'll tell you one thing. For a big 7-footer that's all he does, running and getting in shape. He's looking right."


We should note that of all the things Thomas has seen Oden doing, playing basketball is not one of them.

We should also note that Oden is getting back into shape at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Indianapolis. I'm sure they have an excellent PT department, but Greg Oden is working out at a hospital.


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