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Greg Paulus Is The Biggest Legend In Virginia Tech History

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Two years ago, Greg Paulus was posterized (sorta) during a game against Virginia Tech. Since Paulus plays for Duke and everyone on the planet hates him with the white hot fire of 1,000 suns, it was decided that this moment must be memorialized forever. So the school built a $21 million basketball practice facility just so they could have a place to literally hang a poster in honor of their favorite villain.


And there it hangs. This gigantic photo will remain in Blacksburg for all eternity, as an everlasting reminder to Hokie fans from around the globe that Greg Paulus was kind of annoying. The name of the young fella providing the facing escapes me, but I'm sure he did some other nice things too.

Hoops programs set to move into new practice facility [Hokie Sports]

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