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Gregg Williams Is Going Backpacking In Northern Thailand

CBS Sports reports that Gregg "Kill The Head" Williams is headed off to "the remote villages of rural Northern Thailand for a backpacking sojourn":

Williams has kept a very low profile during his exodus, obiding by the league's stringent punishment, quietly working with various high school and college programs, going around the country to lend a hand. Having spent his entire adult life coaching, friends say Williams is also seeking to alter his world view and gain perspective, hence spending time with four tribes in Thailand's "Golden Triangle," an area with a deep history in the opium trade.

The trip will take him to Burma and Laos, and he will be traveling only with a backpack and spartan supplies. When he returns home, friends say, Williams will then head out for a military bootcamp experience, sort of like his own "training camp experience." He has talked to and worked with eight schools in the past two weeks and is trying to stay busy with this being the first time he won't be actively involved with football in the fall.


A little solitary backpacking in the opium capital of the world, then straight to a military bootcamp? That should cure Gregg's advanced case of raving lunacy riiight up.

Banned Williams Travels, But Stays in Touch With NFL, Hoping For Reinstatement [CBS Sports]

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