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Gritty Earns The Phillie Phanatic's Respect Through Dance

The greatest mascot in American professional sports took another step towards earning total admiration from the Philadelphia faithful on Saturday when he decided to have a dance party with the true O.G. of the charming-but-still-creepy mascot game: the Phillie Phanatic. The opening hug alone should indicate just how deep of a bond these two beautiful creatures have already formed.


While the Phanatic was the one initially teaching Gritty a thing or two about being a mascot, the new face of the Flyers ultimately stole the show with his set of dance moves. The Phanatic had no choice but to bow down to the new kid.

Philadelphia sports fans began the year watching the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and now they have this amazing beast representing their hockey team. Man, some sports fans have all the luck, don’t they?

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