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Gronk Goes Steady

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Perpetual air-humping machine Rob Gronkowski busted out for three touchdowns in his first game of the season, but that’s old news. There’s a much more important development: The Patriots tight end is legitimately dating someone.

Gronkowski started seeing former Patriots cheerleader Camille Kostek in April, but the Summer of Gronk has ended, and they’re still canoodling. People has the crucial quotes from an anonymous source:

“You can tell they really enjoy being with each other,” she says. “They both have a great sense of humor and feed off each other really well.”


Whoa. Crazy.

Last week, Kostek posted a photo of her and Gronk on a date:

He has his shirt on and everything. Amazing.

Kostek went to the Patriots’ opener on Thursday:


And Gronk attended her sister’s birthday:


Don’t be alarmed, but is this the beginning of the maturation of Gronk? We’ll monitor the situation closely.

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