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Gronk's Sloppily Chugging Beer At The Super Bowl Parade [Updates]

The Patriots are parading through Boston today, and walking beer pong tournament Rob Gronkowski is enjoying the festivities by wearing a children's hat and inefficiently putting beer in his mouth.

There's also this tweet:


Update (1:31 p.m.): Reader Zach sends in this short clip of Gronk thrusting while hanging off the Duck Boat.

Update (1:58 p.m.): Gronk has now unveiled his jersey. Hey, that's not your uniform number!

Update (2:33 p.m.): Reader Brandon sends along this video of Gronk chugging a beer.

And reader Alex sends along this video of Gronk chugging a different beer:

So, Gronk has chugged at least two beers today.

Update (3:55 p.m.): Via SB Nation, someone tosses Gronk a nip of Fireball. You see his eyes light up. He says "Fireball," like a caveman.


Here's another video at regular speed, in which he actually drinks the Fireball:


Update (4:43 p.m.): Per reader Juffin, Gronk twerks.


Should you find yourself around some Patriots after the parade, let us know.

Photo via @bradleysalmanac

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