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Grossman-Urlacher Love Affair Immortalized On Bar Room Wall

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Visitors to Chicago's Hop Haus watering hole may be familiar with the mural honoring the Windy City's greatest sports legends. And also these goofballs.


The mural—which you can sort of see in full on their website—is a panoramic scene of all the great Chicago sports legends enjoying a brewski with the people they hate the most. Front and center though is this detail of Brian Urlacher putting what appears to be Rex Grossman in a headlock. And also Brett Favre is there for some reason. Because when you think Chicago sports, you typically think about the Bears choking. The whole pastoral is bizarre and sickening ... yet I can't look away.

It's hard to make out, but I think Pete Rose and Mike Tyson are also there and way in the back, if you squint really hard, you can see Peter Cetera punching a kid in a wheelchair. It's very lifelike!


Urlacher Loves Him Some Grossman … Not That There's Anything Wrong With That [Blog Down, Chicago Bears]

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Tonight, it's Redskins vs. the Na'vi in a battle for the white man's soul. Related: Am I the only one who found Dances With Smurf's 3D nonsense to be more distracting than enthralling? It just makes 50% of the movie look out of focus and then you get frustrated and end up wishing you'd stayed home and rented Terminator 2 again.

Also, why would a Marine in a mechanized killbot exoskeleton need to carry a giant knife? Seems a little gratuitous, you know?

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