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Big fun on the NFL Wives Yahoo Group this morning. Apparently, a woman who's dating an NFL player stumbled across the site and was shocked (shocked!) to see it was populated by groupies.

I joined this site merely to see what was being said about a wonderful man that I still care a great deal about & consider a good friend. I understand the entertainment factor but when it crosses the line & negatively affects someone I feel does not deserve it, I have no choice but to respond in kind. I have already called him to tell him what scandalous, trifling, G.I.T.'s are saying about him & to watch his back.

I am truly not interested in your lives, (real or fictitious) opinions, or so called advice. It does not take me more than 24 hours to recognize what you all are.

Though we'll be honest: We don't know what a G.I.T. is. Sorry. We're white.

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