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Grueling Tree Week Competition Produces New Stanford Tree

After a week of intense competition — which included a fog machine and dressing as Homer Simpson — a new Stanford Tree has been chosen. Unfortunately for our candidate in the video below, it wasn't him.

Jonathan "Shu-Fry" Strange won the honor of being the Stanford Tree, and will begin his term in the spring, taking over for current tree Patrick Fortune, a junior from Fresno. He has quite a legacy to live up to.

In keeping with the secretive tendencies of the Band and the Tree, Strange declined to describe all of his stunts in order to keep the intrigue alive. His largest and final stunt had him dressed up in a gorilla suit as "Shu Kong" and chased around by his friends with torches and pitchforks. Against a backdrop of machine fog and red lights, he was "captured" by the angry mob and welded into a cage ball that he had constructed earlier.


Witness the glory of Tree Week.

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