Guess what? Racists in San Diego threw tortillas at a high school hoops team

Adult, players engage in hatred against Latino players

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Tortillas were flying in the air at a high schoool basketball game.
Tortillas were flying in the air at a high schoool basketball game.

People who live in so-called “progressive” cities and states love to tell you how “progressive” they are. Then something racist will happen, and all the people of color from that community will remind them how wrong they were.

San Diego is dealing with that right now.

Last weekend, a basketball team from a predominantly Latino high school had tortillas thrown at them after Coronado defeated Orange Glen 60-57 in a regional championship game. The matchup between the two San Diego-area schools was marred when some of the Coronado players started throwing tortillas at Orange Glen.


“Tortillas were flying in the air at our bench and stuff,” Anthony Garibay, an Orange Glen player, told San Diego’s KGTV. “It was a great game between both teams, we both played our hearts out, and it ended in a way it shouldn’t have ended. The players who obviously threw the tortillas and whoever came up with that should obviously be punished, you know, definitely not taken lightly.”


According to reports, it was an adult that brought the tortillas to a high school basketball game. That means it was premeditated, because who just shows up at a game and sits in the bleachers with tortillas?

Racists, that’s who.

There have been statements made by the usual suspects – teams, schools, coaches, and officials, but they’re all just empty words. However, one quote is quite peculiar.


“We have a lot of work to do as a community, and I just hope the folks there at the school district take this as a teachable moment and work with these young people,” San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria told KSWB. “Help them understand this is not acceptable and quite honestly is not going to set them up well for success. We are in a diverse, global economy, and if we have young people who are harboring these kinds of feelings, they’re not going to be successful in their lives.”

Gloria is San Diego’s first person of color and the first LGBTQ person to ever be elected Mayor. And as a double minority, he should know better than anybody that the kids aren’t necessarily the problem here, the parents are. Racism and hatred are taught in the home, which is probably why San Diego school districts are battling over critical race theory, while at the same time the place is considered to be one of the best cities for tacos — go figure.