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The fan fight that currently has the attention of the media in Los Angeles involves four men who were arrested yesterday for beating a guy in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium. But what about the one we've posted above, which goes from ridiculously funny to downright disturbing right around the 1-minute mark?

We're not sure exactly where this took place. All we know is what was written on the video's YouTube page by whoever uploaded it last Thursday, sometime after the Dodgers played the Padres in San Diego: "These guys belong in jail! If you know any of them, please call the police. 3 guys jumped this one guy and picked his head into the ground repeatedly after the Padres game tonight, then jumped into a cab and took off."


Update (7:45 p.m.): A reader has emailed to say the beating happened on the 300 block of K Street, just four blocks west of Petco Park. The reader also added these details, plus the photo you can see below:

Paramedics and police got to the scene quickly.

Witnesses say the guy who got beat up instigated the whole thing. It was a Padre vs Padre fight too, no Dodgers jerseys in sight.

Update No. 2 (8:04 p.m.): A San Diego TV station had done a report the other night that includes an interview with the man who recorded the video. The victim is a diabetic who was drunk, and he was observed to be instigating the others, who clearly took things too far. The victim suffered "non-life-threatening" injuries, according to the report.

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