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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Oh god, we've all seen this happen, but you probably haven't seen it in a $1 million buy-in tournament. But with 18 out of 42 entrants remaining, and a $15 million prize sitting at the end, Connor Drinan saw his aces cracked by Cary Katz's.


As coolers go, this one at least had the benefit of unfolding slowly in front of an increasingly horrified crowd instead of landing on Drinan's head all at once. It isn't the worst beat you'll ever see, but any beat on a $1 million stake is brutal. Good thing everyone in this tournament is already rich.

The tournament actually wrapped up early this month, and is just now airing. Katz finished eighth, for $1.3 million. Daniel Colman, a 23-year-old pro from Massachusetts, won first, beating Daniel Negreanu in heads-up.


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