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We've all been there before. You're a big sports nut but because life always has a way of getting in the way, you can't watch the big Golden Gophers game live. So you DVR it and watch it the following day. Then—at the very same time you are trying to enjoy your recorded Gophers game—a utility worker shows up to work on the power/phone/whatever lines outside your home and she is listening to sports talk. And Crazy Eddie and the Walrus are talking about the score of the game. And Crazy Eddie and the Walrus are talking about it really, really loudly. So what does a sports nut do? He threatens to shoot the utility worker and maybe—allegedly—throws a kitchen knife in her general direction, setting off a chain of events requiring police negotiators and the motherfucking SWAT team.


Meet Dan Drobac, 32 of Eagan, Minnesota. He has no prior criminal record but he's been newly charged with felony terroristic threats and "was recently taken to a detox facility."

According to the criminal complaint, the contractor told police she was working on a utility box and playing the sports station KFAN loudly so she could hear it while she worked. She said Drobac yelled at her, then came out of the house screaming, "I'm not kidding. I'm going to [expletive] shoot you," the complaint said.

Officers found a large kitchen knife in the snow about 10 feet from the utility box, the complaint said.


The utility worker immediately called 911—hopefully on one of those oversized blue phones guys use when they are pretending to work for the phone company in movies—and reported the crazy threats. Police, to their credit, were not fucking around and snapped into action. When they could not reach Drobac on the phone, they shut down the streets. They sent prerecorded messages to the neighbors urging them to stay inside until "the incident was over." They coordinated bus routes with local schools and, eventually, sweated him out in a three hour standoff at which point they arrested him without incident.

He admitted yelling out of his window "but he believed he just told the person to turn the radio off. He denied throwing a knife at the contractor, but admitted owned a knife set that matched the knife police found in the snow.

"From a police standpoint, we look at any threat against someone as a serious incident and respond appropriately," police spokeswoman Desiree Schroeper said Monday.

Eagan Minnesota: the intersection of Seinfeld and Breaking Bad.

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