Lokesh Simon James went to the Bliss Cabaret in Clearwater, Fla., one night in March. He estimates having spent $600 in three hours. His credit card bill later indicated he rang up $50,000, and because James admits he was at the club on the night in question, his credit card company refuses to count the charge as fraudulent.

According to Tampa Bay Online, James's lawyer is using the "that's impossible!" defense:

"There's no way to spend that kind of money," said James' attorney, David Sockol of St. Petersburg. "How many dances would it take before you run up $50,000 at $20 a dance?''

Hmm. Yeah. Getting 2,500 lap dances in one night does seem like a stretch, though there's always the possibility of those pesky hidden charges for, um, premium services.

h/t to Busted Coverage
[Tampa Bay Online; photo via phbcz/Stockfresh]