Guy Takes Picture, May Have Weirded Out Woman Next To Him

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This man so brazenly leans over to take a picture during the Rangers-Mariners game tonight that it is either an optical illusion, and he's actually snapping a picture of something other than the attractive woman next to him, or he is snapping a picture of the attractive woman next to him and just doesn't give a shit. If it is option B, the question becomes why doesn't he give a shit?

I mean, these two have to be together, right? Or individual parts of a larger family excursion, yes? In that case, it's perfectly acceptable to take a picture of someone like that at a ballgame. I want to believe this; it's what every bone in my body is telling me, but then I see her face. Specifically, the moment from :10 to :13. And then I just don't know anymore. It could be a weirdly-timed family interaction. Or it could be the face of a woman who just realized that holy shit that guy just took a picture of me and didn't even bother to be covert. What kind of person am I sitting next to?


h/t Brian

Update 1:10 a.m.: It's all good everyone, weirdly-timed family interaction it is!