Once upon a time, bad fathers were easily shamed with one spin of a Harry Chapin single. That's not how things get done anymore. Now spurned sons talk into their webcams and tell America to follow them on Instagram.

16-year-old Grant Pierce Jay (Taj) Jordan Reynolds, of Atlanta, released this video on Christmas day, but it didn't bubble up until yesterday, when TMZ posted about Reynolds's mother's just-filed paternity suit against Jordan. The suit, per TMZ, is boring—there's no mention of how Jordan and the youngster's mother met, which is especially disappointing because NBA players visiting Atlanta have good stories. That means the video's the highlight from all of this.

Some favorite lines:
• "Wassup, YouTube? Wassup, world?"
• "If you've been hearing any rumors about I'm Michael Jordan's son on Twitter, Instagram, MediaTakeOut, WorldStar, any of that, it's true."
• "Follow me on Twitter, @TajJordan, on Instagram at TajXViisiion—with two I's—and have a great day."

Alas, those lines bookend a teenager sheepishly expressing the desire to have a father figure in his life. So you can really go either way on this one.


MICHAEL JORDAN Alleged Baby Mama Sues ... Pay for Your Love Child! [TMZ]