Hackers Take Over Steubenville High School Football Team's Website, Threaten To Release Personal Information Of People Involved In Alleged Rape Case

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OpRollRedRoll Steubinville Ohio - YouTube

Hackers who claim to be from the groups Anonymous and KnightSec have taken over the Steubenville High School football team's website, posting a video and message demanding an apology from those involved in the alleged rape that took place in August involving players of the football team. If no one steps forward and publicly apologizes to the victim and her family by Jan. 1, the hackers claim they will release personal information—addresses, SSNs, phone numbers—of people involved in the case.


The football team's website, Rollredroll.com, has no affiliation with the school system, according to the New York Times.


Below is the message left by Anonymous in full. The hacked version has yet to be changed, so you can visit it yourself and watch the video there, too.

Greetings Citizens of the world, we are #Anonymous, we are #KnightSec.

On December 23, 2012, we released a video detailing the story of a young rape victim in Steubenville Ohio who was attacked by the Big Red High School football team and raped and kidnapped carried party to party unconcious and intoxicated. Only 2 members were charged with the actual crimes, when everyone present was guilty.

In an effort to prove this, we gained access to the schools website via CPANEL login http://tinypic.com/r/ot0wok/6, and the webmaster James "Jim" Parks http://www.facebook.com/BIGREDMANOWAR personal email http://tinypic.com/r/2gwbclj/6 which we promptly found multiple nude photographs in.

We in turn locked him out of his own email, and backed up the contents to the web to preserve evidence. http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/4…

We strongly urge local law enforcement to look into this email as possible child porn could be present.

We found one photo in this email that strongly resembles Savannah Dietrich http://imgur.com/D2UuS, https://www.facebook.com/Freedom4Savann… who was a victim of rape in louisville ohio with the same circumstances as Steubenville.

These photos and more can be found in the download link. We assure you that all photos are legitimate and can provide password access to email accounts on request by officials however they will not be released to the public for fear of data corruption.

By finding this photo in the email above we believe that Mr. Parks who is also a football team booster has been sending, possibly hiring the team to go to different parties and send him pics of girls they take advantage of.

The boys have even dubbed themselves Rape Crew, and further evidence can be seen in the video here: http://rutube.ru/video/5e440e56….. We ask that the proper authorities do not allow the coverup of this potential criminal ring and that the victims do not go unprotected.

We are anonymous, We are knightsec, the wicked should expect us.

Update: The hacker, Deric Lostutter, is being investigated by the FBI and has retracted allegations of Jim Parks's possession of child porn.


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