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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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You almost had to feel bad for Hillary Clinton yesterday, still railing about gas tax holidays and superdelegates and all her white voters while the rest of the world was mercifully moving on. But that gas thing is still a problem, which you might have noticed when half your neighborhood was carpooling in the trunk of your Miata. (Oh, and lose the Miata, by the way.) But what are our athletes doing to help solve our gas price crisis? Ask Darren McFadden.


Busted Coverage has put together a rundown of the prices to fill the gas tanks of various athletes/celebrities, and the totals are gruesome; we suspect most signing bonuses are evaporated immediately.

Not that anyone has probably noticed. If you're Darren McFadden, do you even know who fills your gas tank, let alone how much it costs?

Athletes, Celebrities Deal With Rising Gas Prices [Busted Coverage]

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