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Hang In There, America: LeBron's Back With Us

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Well, everyone can breathe a little easier: LeBron James has been released from the hospital. With Suns forward Amare Stoudamire out until at least the All-Star break, if James had been out for too long, this NBA season was in serious danger of sucking before it even started.

But the stakes are higher than just a season: YAYSports! is logging a suicide watch roundup with regular updates on LeBron's status, noting that current suicide watch status is "cautiously stable." The kids over there even encourage visitors to visit and "stress that although you understand their desire for him, LeBron has more to do here first."


By the way, we scored 64 points late last night with LeBron on NBA Live 2006. Of course, he was playing the Knicks.

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(UPDATE: Now that LeBron looks OK, YAYSports! has called off the suicide watch. Just when we started having fun.)

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