Hank Aaron Is Doing Barry Bonds No Favors

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After a few months of grumbling from Barry Bonds about the fact that he hadn't been contacted by the current home run champ, Hank Aaron finally spoke up yesterday and made it clear that he has no intention of helping Bonds out or showing up when/if he breaks the record.

"I'm sorry Barry feels that way, and I don't have any resentment toward him whatsoever, but I have no intention of trying to get in contact with him or doing anything with him in regard to his [chasing the record]. Nothing. Why should I?" said Aaron, who discovered only recently that the privately sensitive slugger for the San Francisco Giants wants to become pen pals or something. "It's really not a big concern of mine. I don't know why I should have to do anything. I might send him a telegram, and that would be the extent of it."

First off: A telegram! How cute! Only if he gets the ribbon changed on his typewriter! Whatever your thoughts on Bonds, it's incredibly bizarre that neither Aaron nor commissioner Bud Selig will show up if Bonds breaks Aaron's record. Please let hit happen in Florida. It'll just be Barry, Anibal Sanchez and Pedro Gomez.


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