Hank the dog, the very good dog that was adopted by the Milwaukee Brewers last spring after stumbling, half-dead, into the team's spring training facility, was named Dog of the Year at last night's World Dog Awards. Yes, shut up, that's a real thing. It aired on network TV and everything.

Hank triumphed over some stiff competition. The other nominees in the Dog of the Year category included a dog that is the mayor of Cormorant, Minn., the world's ugliest dog, and the dog that won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show. But Mayor Dog, Ugly Dog, and Show Dog don't have shit on Hank!

Look at that adorable little bastard. He used to look like a diseased sewer rat, and now he's thriving and flourishing and hanging out with George Lopez. You made it, Hank. You are the best dog.