Reader Adam sent us this photo of him and Hanley Ramirez. They met at a Filene's Basement in Washington, D.C. last year. This is, of course, a perk of being in this line of work. You get to see photos people took with athletes they bumped into at discount department stores a year ago. Awesome.

Last year I ran into Hanley Ramirez in downtown Washington D.C. mid-day (Marlins were in town playing the Nats) at Filene's Basement, a discount clothing store. He was buying a ton of stuff and wasn't too excited to take a picture with me, but he still was pretty nice about it. He was wearing an undershirt, so before asking him for the picture I took off my other shirt because I thought it would be kind of funny if we were both wearing white v necks. Even though you guys are knee deep in athlete dong and c-roll footage, I thought it might amuse the bros at deadspin for about a nano-second and I like sending "tips" in.

You're doing God's work,

If this is God's work, then, well, we're happy to be lumped in with Lloyd Blankfein. We're just paid less. We wish we could shop at Filene's Basement.


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