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Reader Jim (no, not the "Dave" from yesterday's Surfer Grifter story) calls our attention to a story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer from 2008, concerning Hannah Cornett, the very same Surfer Grifter. Apparently she worked for the Browns in the early 2000s, and while under their employ as a web designer, she dated starting quarterback Tim Couch.


From The Plain Dealer:

She was born in Hamilton, Ohio, grew up in Grafton and graduated from Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy in 1998. She attended Baldwin-Wallace College and worked for the Cleveland Browns as a web designer before moving to Hawaii in 2003.
Cornett's other fun fact is that she dated then-Browns quarterback Tim Couch. She could have gotten fired from her job with the Browns for breaking the rules about fraternization, but his charm and the whole forbidden-love thing was too exciting to resist, she said.
"He was a Southern gentleman," she recalled. They broke it off before she moved to Hawaii.


"Forbidden love," with Tim Couch, the first overall pick who couldn't last four seasons as a starter? Grift on, you crazy grifter.

N.B.: We can't tell how far she's stretched this particular fiction—if at all—although we do have a video of Couch saying he started dating his wife, Playboy model Heather Kozar, in 2000. According to her LinkedIn page, Cornett worked for the Browns, starting in 2000. The timing could work, although it certainly wasn't her move to Hawaii that split them up. We continue to be baffled.

Hannah Cornett, former Cleveland-area girl, makes waves in new movie with Matthew McConaughey [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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