Hey, you made it. It's 6ish p.m., so you're probably all finished with work and set to go home and decompress for the three-day weekend. That's just awesome. We have to do that, too. But first โ€” some programming notes.

Saturday and Sunday will be very light. You'll have your World Cup open threads to scream into. Other than that? It's a Deadspin Classic weekend. Yes, we'll pick some of our favorites and force you to re-read them again. Just because we're all tired. Next week, we'll introduce our new weekend editor.

Come Monday, however, there will be stuff. Barry will be here to do some light posting. I, on the other hand, have been deputized Very Special Guest Editor for the day at (kazoo sound)... Jezebel. Yes, yes, I know. Lucky me, lucky you, lucky them. I'll splice over some of my entries so those of you who do visit have something to mock. Until then, have a happy and safe Independence Day. Don't let aliens in flying saucers ruin it for you.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Adios.